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We come up with stuff……over the years we’ve built the ZORB brand, exported overseas, made the odd board game and always have a creative project on the go.

The Sparmadillo was born out of a need to have easy to use, durable hot tub covers that can withstand the test of being used in a commercial NZ environment.

How does the Sparmadillo stack up against a traditional Spa Pool Cover?

Great question!

A roll-up cover uses 10mm EVA foam, which by its nature does not quite match the insulating properties of a new hard polystyrene cover. But note that when a polystyrene cover is cracked or waterlogged it is no longer working very well as insulation!

However, the addition of a layer of floating foam (10mm EVA) along with a Sparmadillo cover gave the same insulation results as a new standard polystyrene cover.

We have tested over the winter months comparing a standard, new polystyrene cover with a Sparmadillo cover. Average results from tests where we turned off the pump/heater for 15 hours overnight in Winter (0 degree over-night temperature) were:

No cover: 40 degree water dropped down to 15 degrees

Sparmadillo cover + a layer of floating foam: 40 down to 38 degrees

Standard (new) polystyrene cover: 40 down to 38 degrees

Note that this was with overnight temperature down to 0 degrees – obviously things would be better when the outside temperature is warmer!


The manufacturer will repair or replace any faulty product within 12 months of purchase.


  • We ship anywhere in New Zealand
  • We custom make to order – you send us your dimensions
  • Orders are normally shipped within 7-14 days
  • Full payment is required prior to shipping
  • You are welcome to view a real life cover at ZORB Rotorua
  • The Sparmadillo weighs approx 20KGs
  • Choose from a black or white cover
  • Lockable option is standard with stainless steel d-rings, straps and lockable clips.
  • The wooden batons are Redwood for our wooden battens – oiled with CDX50 extreme https://www.cd50.co.nz/cd50-extreme
  • Want to know more? Contact us on info@sparmadillocover.com
Hot tub cover

Safety & Compliance

The Sparmadillo roll up cover complies with the New Zealand specifications for spa covers which include ensuring that is lockable, that water runs off and that it wont collapse with a 20kg weight in the centre.

Please refer to your local Council to ensure your pool meets local regulations.